Incorporating Color

I recently stopped into Old Navy {I haven't been there in months...maybe a year...I forgot how fantastic it is!} and walked out with three things...all navy blue.  Now I know what I like and I stick to what I like.  But unless I want to look like a blueberry, I have to add a little more color to my wardrobe to mix things up!

Since most of my clothing pieces are in the grey, blue, and black family, I look to colorful accessories to add a pop of color with out straying away from colors I know look well with my skin tone and hair color {not to mention more slimming, right!?}

Here are a few examples...

A pink belt makes this otherwise dark outfit fun and funky...

This almost all white dress looks bright and cheery with a colorful bag...

Cardigans also work great at adding color plus warmth to an outfit...

Okay so maybe I really like navy...and red and pinks!  

How do you incorporate color into your look?

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  1. great and keep up with good work. Some fine work and impressive too. Thanks for posting and will look for more..

  2. My closet is composed of very few colors: red/pink, purple, gray and black. And that's it. Every time I go shopping, I have to force myself to add some yellow, green (not blue, because I hate blue. Only if it's navy blue!) or orange. I do have an awful amount of pink accessories though! My mom once had to forbid me of buying black items! She said I looked like a teenage widow! Since then I've putting more effort on incorporating color!

  3. I LOVE Old Navy and wish we had it here in OZ. The pink belt is super cute as is the kid in the background. haha.

    I also love your hair in the last pic. (I am in desperate need for a haircut so I notice these things. :D )

    If I have a really bland outfit I like to add a bright lipstick to make me less drab and more fab. :D

  4. I love me some ON! you look adorable in all of those outfits!

  5. I was thinking the haircut thing too! I love the bangs! Cute outfits too. I just got the cutest dress one-piece suit from old navy. Seriously. It's amazingly cute. The best part? Cardholders got 40% off and I had $25 in rewards (from using the card. The rewards last a really long time so you can stock them up.) So my price = FREE! Love it. Of course I didn't make it out without spending any money... but we won't go there. Here it is...only on me it goes down to cover the bikini part and looks more like a dress... I'm not sure if it's supposed to, but it looks cute that way so that's probably how I'll wear it.

  6. I love the pink belt and the purse. Those are great ways to add color and change up an outfit.


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