Colorful Dining Room Gallery Wall

I shared a sneak peak last week over at Tiffany's blog of my new dining room gallery wall.  My goal was to add more color, make it a bit more modern, but still incorporating my existing feminine pieces.

One of my main sources of inspiration was finding prints that tell a story about us but add a modern feel.  This California print I found free over at Vintage Lemon where she offers free prints of all 50 states!  I tried printing it off of my computer but I didn't like that the colors were not as rich as some of the other prints I have bought off of Etsy.  So I ordered the print through Walmart's photo lab.  It came out absolutely perfect!

I also picked up a bunch of gold matted frames from a recent photo swap sale.  $1 a piece!

One of my other new ventures is painting canvas.  I do not consider myself much of a painter but making this sign featuring our last name was super easy!  I had an old canvas that I painted over with one of our wall color paints and then wrote out our name in chalk.  Once I got the writing correct, I just used my chalk writing as a guide for painting over it!

This wall adds just enough color to my neutral furniture giving it a fresh pop of color!

And I love Ikea's matted frames...they give weight to photos and add a bit of a modern feel.

I also fit everything into a rectangle placement which is not usually like me but I really like the change!  Little adjustments and some inexpensive {or free!} additions make an old wall feel fresh and new!

Anything fresh and new in your home?