June 1, 2012

Colorful Dining Room Gallery Wall

I shared a sneak peak last week over at Tiffany's blog of my new dining room gallery wall.  My goal was to add more color, make it a bit more modern, but still incorporating my existing feminine pieces.

One of my main sources of inspiration was finding prints that tell a story about us but add a modern feel.  This California print I found free over at Vintage Lemon where she offers free prints of all 50 states!  I tried printing it off of my computer but I didn't like that the colors were not as rich as some of the other prints I have bought off of Etsy.  So I ordered the print through Walmart's photo lab.  It came out absolutely perfect!

I also picked up a bunch of gold matted frames from a recent photo swap sale.  $1 a piece!

One of my other new ventures is painting canvas.  I do not consider myself much of a painter but making this sign featuring our last name was super easy!  I had an old canvas that I painted over with one of our wall color paints and then wrote out our name in chalk.  Once I got the writing correct, I just used my chalk writing as a guide for painting over it!

This wall adds just enough color to my neutral furniture giving it a fresh pop of color!

And I love Ikea's matted frames...they give weight to photos and add a bit of a modern feel.

I also fit everything into a rectangle placement which is not usually like me but I really like the change!  Little adjustments and some inexpensive {or free!} additions make an old wall feel fresh and new!

Anything fresh and new in your home?


  1. it's perfect! I love the urke sign and the cali sign- heading over there now to find one for myself!

  2. I LOVE it! Beautiful and fresh...gonna have to go get me a SC sign. I need something fun and random for the photo ledge over the couch :)

  3. So cute! I love the spacing and color compatibility of it all.


  4. Gorgeous kitchen! Looking forward to meeting you at the meetup tomorrow.

  5. Every time I see one of your decorating posts I want to instantly re-do something in my place. Today is no exception :D

  6. The wall looks great! I absolutely love the canvas that you did with your last name AND that you did it yourself! So simple yet fun, love it!

  7. Nice! Love the colors! I need to do something like that in this house...we've only been here for 11 years and I still have rooms that I need to finish *sigh* one day I'll get it together.

  8. i LOVE your taste, and this gallery wall looks SO good! I just did one in my Master bedroom and I just started nailing. I'm too impatient. I like how you used a rectangle as your outline.On a personal note, I'm so happy we got to connect at the end of the afternoon. Your words really stayed with me. And your blog seems full of your personal warmth and style. I'm a new follower.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss Blog)

  9. beautiful, beautiful wall! i love the palette and that california print. so great finally meeting you this weekend :)

  10. Love it!!! It adds just enough color. Looks great!!!

  11. LOVE this... the simplicity chalk board is my favorite! I'm inspired to go redo a room now...

  12. BTW, I'm your newest follower... I have a feeling I"m going to love reading more of your blog! Check out mine if you get a chance. :)


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