Succulent Bowl Love + A New Camera

Today I wanted to share with you my beloved little succulent bowl.  Much effort went into getting this sucker {pun intended!} perfect. 

First I hit Lowe's to gather my little succulent friends.  I had an idea of the size of bowl I wanted so I made a little round display of the ones I loved in my cart.  I literally stood in front of my cart for twenty minutes to get it right.  And on a Saturday, people at Lowe's do not like you hogging the aisle.  Nonetheless, I got exactly what I wanted after much debating.

I wanted a bit of a layering affect which is why I added tall ones in the back.  I also lean more towards the flowery shaped ones...they create a softer less spiky look that I like.  Variety in color also makes it look a bit ombre.

The bowl for these succulents took me about twenty times longer to find than actually putting this thing together.  I saw this planter at Target for $20 and thought it was way too expensive.  So I hit all my favorite discount stores only to find myself disappointed as nothing was as perfect as the one at Target.  So I dragged myself back to Target after driving all around town to pick up my perfect succulent bowl.  Just deep and wide enough with a little bit of a lip.  Lesson learned: trust Target.

For all the succulents and was a bit pricey at $ you know I am babying this thing everyday praying it lives for a looooong time!

Love the photos?  I sure do!  We got a new camera!  The D800!  36 megapixels!  Who needs that?!  Apparently my husband does!

And a new lens!  LOVE.  We are totally legit!

End of screaming exclamation points!!!

Are you crazy for succulents this season?


  1. I love it! and I love the fact that it looks hardy because I am a notorious plant killer

  2. Nice job on the succulent arrangement!!! (said intentionally with exclamation points) :)

    and congrats on the new camera...this is great for us. And we get to see all the things you do through that lens. Thanks, Ash! (another exclamation point) :)

  3. I love succulents too!!! I have such a hard time remembering to water plants so they are perfect for me.

  4. Love this...great job...and congrats on the awesome camera. I'm jealous :P

  5. Two things I love succulents and cameras! (we are supposed to be friends!)

  6. So pretty! Worth the time and pennies. :-)

    If that was your new camera we saw on Saturday, you're not kidding... super legit!

    1. Nope...brought my smaller camera! This one is even bigger and takes up way too much room in my purse! ;)

  7. I love, love, love succulents! We are actually growing succulents in wine crates for centerpieces for our wedding. Low maintenance and hopefully they will be nice and full and grown in by October. It was great meeting you Saturday as well. Your new lense is totally legit!

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  9. Target IS awesome!! Love how your succulent bowl turned out. So lovely!

  10. so pretty!! and yay for a new camera! :)

  11. Such a cute succulent bowl! Target is just the best place for everything, even though it's the worst for saving money because you end up wanting everything there! And the photos look amazing, congrats on the new lens!

  12. Even I couldn't kill the succulents I had at home so I think you will be just fine. :D haha. - EEEEEEK!!! I am squealing in excitement for you on the new camera. Slightly jealous but thats ok. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on both the camera and the lens. :D

  13. I love the bowl... the arrangement is perfect! It is hard to kill them, but I have done it! Congrats on the camera! Can't wait to see the amazing pics!


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