Succulent Bowl Love + A New Camera

Today I wanted to share with you my beloved little succulent bowl.  Much effort went into getting this sucker {pun intended!} perfect. 

First I hit Lowe's to gather my little succulent friends.  I had an idea of the size of bowl I wanted so I made a little round display of the ones I loved in my cart.  I literally stood in front of my cart for twenty minutes to get it right.  And on a Saturday, people at Lowe's do not like you hogging the aisle.  Nonetheless, I got exactly what I wanted after much debating.

I wanted a bit of a layering affect which is why I added tall ones in the back.  I also lean more towards the flowery shaped ones...they create a softer less spiky look that I like.  Variety in color also makes it look a bit ombre.

The bowl for these succulents took me about twenty times longer to find than actually putting this thing together.  I saw this planter at Target for $20 and thought it was way too expensive.  So I hit all my favorite discount stores only to find myself disappointed as nothing was as perfect as the one at Target.  So I dragged myself back to Target after driving all around town to pick up my perfect succulent bowl.  Just deep and wide enough with a little bit of a lip.  Lesson learned: trust Target.

For all the succulents and was a bit pricey at $ you know I am babying this thing everyday praying it lives for a looooong time!

Love the photos?  I sure do!  We got a new camera!  The D800!  36 megapixels!  Who needs that?!  Apparently my husband does!

And a new lens!  LOVE.  We are totally legit!

End of screaming exclamation points!!!

Are you crazy for succulents this season?