A Pink Backyard Birthday

I recently celebrated my birthday in our typical backyard birthday fashion.  We celebrated with family with nothing too fancy but still much attention to details.  I went with a pink theme this year even though I shared the celebration with my 17 year old male cousin.  I used to put pink Barbie jackets on him when he was little so I am sure he is used to my pink ways by now.

The party was on a Saturday evening so I spent most of the day prepping and fluffing.  I put these pink balloons out around 9:00 am because I was so giddy.  I then excitedly went inside the house to tell my husband to look outside.  Being able to decorate our new white picket fence was about one of the most exciting things to do for the first time.  

I replaced the balloons at least two times because they kept popping.  It didn't matter because I had plenty of balloons and happiness over my decorated fence.  Running out to replace them was an excuse to be in awe of them yet again.

To go along with the pink theme, I punched out lots of pink and white circles to scatter around the table.

I also made a whole bunch of paper flags to adorn cute little cupcakes.

Grey paper straws I found online for a super dooper great deal came in the mail THAT day. 

Sugar free lemonade is how I roll.  It's my party and I can still indulge guilt free if I want to.

I love Mexican food and I love easy so we had a taco bar.  Simple and delicious says happy birthday to me.  I personally don't choose to slave over fancy meals on my birthday.  I save that for other people's birthdays.

Who doesn't love tacos?

We also set up a fun little DIY photo booth that I shared about earlier this week.  Check out the post for all the details and all the funny photos!

It's not a birthday without cake!  To continue with the Mexican menu, I made spice cake cupcakes with butterscotch chips, homemade churros, and topped it all off with vanilla ice cream.

Right as it was time to blow out the candles after singing Happy Birthday, the wind blew out the candles.  I apparently found the irony hilarious.

But we gave it a second chance.  

Homemade churros are bomb-digity.  It's basically just fried dough covered in cinnamon sugar.  I will link to the recipe again because it is that delicious. 

I was really proud about my gift to my cousin.  Rolled up money in a chocolate candy box.  There was still some chocolate in it but somebody had to eat some of it to make room for the money!

And somehow the baby always ends up naked by the end of the party.  It's just that much fun at Auntie's.

And because I am a big kid at heart we set up our projector in the backyard so we could play Just Dance.  We haven't had many outdoor movie nights this summer so it was nice to put the projector to some good use.

We even got some glow sticks out.  

As the night came to an end, the ambiance only got better.  A splendid birthday party had by all.


  1. Beautiful!! Your cupcakes are too, too cute! I also really love the cafe lights on the porch. My birthday is in 2 months and I might have to steal some ideas!

  2. I have that same EXACT doily in the 1st and 6th photos! :) Looks like a very fun and pretty party! Happy birthday!! Kelly

  3. It speaks to your mastery of party planning and entertaining that such a well-executed, cute party was of the "no big deal" variety. :-) Your parties always look like so much fun!

  4. You have such a wonderful backyard and a great vision for all your parties Ashley! So impressive!

  5. Such a wonderfully perfect party! I wish I was in a place that I could do more things like that.

    I remember getting that churro recipe from your blog 2 years ago and you are correct - SO GOOD! I'm kind of obsessed with them. :-)

  6. That looks like so much fun, and I love your backyard mine is still in the works we have lived there for 5 years but we moved into a hay field so grass is not my friend some days :) Love it and the projector I am thinking that might be a present idea for my hubby. Happy Birthday!!

  7. Ashley. You should be a party planner. I love all those cool touches like the photo booth and the projector! And you guys make such a cute couple...And BTW, I love your new header.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

  8. Looks like a beautiful and super fun party! Love the little cupcakes and pink flag toppers. Happy belated birthday!

  9. That looks like a perfectly perfect kind of party! What a wonderful day and how many beautiful memories you have now!

  10. Ashley, everything looks great. You put together such a beautiful party!

  11. Love it! Looks like you had an amazing birthday!


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