Thankfulness Thursdays Week Six

Today is week six of Thankfulness Thursdays where we meet up each week to share what we are thankful for from now until Thanksgiving.  You can write a simple list or focus on writing about one thing you are thankful for.  No rigid rules! 

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Last weekend we went to go visit my grandmother who lives out of town.  My mom's sister was also visiting with her husband so we got to spend the day with them as well. 

Long story short, when my mom came to the United States from Taiwan only her and her brother were able to come over leaving her other siblings behind.  Though her other siblings eventually were able to come to the states, it was years later and my mom did not get to grow up with them. 

It is a little crazy to grasp that this woman is my aunt with how little I have been around her and how different she is from my mom.  Because my mom has been in America since she was twelve she has been very Americanized and no longer speaks Chinese.  Talking with my aunt and uncle, my grandmother had to translate as they did not speak much English.

While sitting and talking at my grandmother's house I realized that I will probably be the last of my family to know and remember our Chinese background.  My own children probably will not be exposed to this side of my family.  Looking around my grandmother's home made me sad that these are last glimpses of a history to experience.

Today I am thankful for memories.  Who knows if my children will be able to know their great grandma, but I am thankful that as an adult I can appreciate and take the time to preserve some of these memories to at least pass on through stories.  

As an adult I have grown to appreciate my heritage so much more and I am glad I still have the time to soak it in and live in it.  So quickly life flies by and I do not want to forget the history of my family that I grew up with.

I am thankful for family, history, and stories to well as kind fortunes worth remembering.

What are you thankful for this week?