Fall Themed Backyard Birthday Party

We hosted a birthday party for my dad this last weekend.  I wanted to decorate for the party and make it festive but try not to have it be too feminine.  I decided to go with a fall theme and it ended up being just lovely (much inspired by my fall tablescape).  With how not freezing cold it is here during Thanksgiving, I thought how fun something like this would be to do an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner!

Guests were greeted by fall as they came to our front door and magnolia wreath alongside some festive pumpkins on our porch bench.

I used the fall decoration I had inside the house and added some stands, vases, candles, succulents and doilies to fill in the tables.

For most parties I have started putting together two long tables and sitting everyone family style.  I think it makes for a more intimate setting and better conversation.

My dad is a big peanut butter fan so I made some peanut butter chocolate cupcakes that were absolutely divine!  They have a little peanut butter ball inside.  Yum!

This picture makes me laugh so hard!  Got him right when he was blowing out the candle!

A lovely evening with family celebrating my dad and the upcoming fall season.  

Linking up with Rhoda's outdoor fall decor party.

It's a crazy week, Thankfulness Thursdays Week 8 also posted today!  Check it out one post below!


  1. Those cupcakes sound AMAZING! I love the picture of the child looking at his grandpa blowing out the candles...so sweet.
    And Lastly, I love seeing these people in your pictures... along with other posts, I feel like I'm getting to know you, your friends, and your family through your posts. Beautiful~

  2. Oh this is fall perfection at its finest! A truly cozy vignette.

    While we don't have much fall here in Phoenix I would love for you to stop by to see where I did find a bit of fall.

    Have a blessed day!

  3. I love it! You are so thoughtful on your party decoration! I'm sure your dad really appreciates all the effort and dedication you put in every little detail!

  4. Oh goodness, another beautiful party Ashley! I need a cupcake stand like that, where'd you get yours???

  5. Ashley, let's see, where do I begin? There's so many details I love about your table (not to mention your guests and your cute Dad). But the succulents look wonderful with the pumpkins, very original. And the colors of the pumpkins look lovely against the all-white background. Oh, and I like that wreath...very classic looking! As usual, your talents shine.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

  6. Your backyard always looks so lovely! the lights just make it. Hope I can have a yard this lovely for entertaining one day! :)


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