Urke Photography--New Look and Recent Posts

Over at Urke Photography I have been cleaning house and am happy to share with you today a new website design!  I am very proud of it and love its simple and clean design.  It is a bit similar to the new look here at Domestic Fashionista but with all the focus on the photography. 

I am also a little bit behind in sharing updates about our photography here so while you are there you can check out some of our latest sessions:


Jamie + Amy:

As summer has wound to an end we have been pleasantly surprised at how busy we have been with Urke Photography.  Fall is one of our favorite times of year to shoot sessions so we are happy to be keeping busy.

If you would like to stay up to date on our photography, you can subscribe by RSS, subscribe by email (there is a box you can add your email address over at Urke Photography), and follow along at the Urke Photography Facebook page.

I know so many of you have already been extremely supportive and encouraging in our photography endeavors!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!