31 Days of Creative Homemaking :: Day 9--A Day in the Life of a Homemaker

My days vary between twice a week I am watching my two year old nephew while the other three days I am by myself.  Every day seems to be different but for the most part it follows somewhat of a schedule.  I am basing this post off of days I have with my nephew.  But on the days I do not have him imagine filling in that time with more cleaning, more computer work, or the occasional all day painting project fest.

Monday--grocery shop, run errands while I am out, laundry, clean up the house from the weekend
Tuesday--watch my nephew, go to the gym, dinner with the in-laws
Wednesday--gym, blog catch up, crafty stuff
Thursday--watch nephew, adventure club--hiking with friends, in the evening my husband and I serve at a ministry at our church
Friday--finish whatever I started from the week, prepare for the weekend, clean up any projects I started to put on hold until the following week
Saturday and Sunday--hang out with my husband, get together with friends, Sunday nights we have dinner with my parents


5:30-6:00--I try to wake up early to get myself together and tidy the house before my nephew arrives.  I usually get ready by putting on workout clothes with hopeful intentions I will work out (doesn't always happen).  I also tidy up the house, check on a blog post if it was supposed to post that morning, make the bed and give myself time to wake up before the baby arrives.  I have also been trying to be better at journaling and praying before my day starts.  I have been journaling on my laptop while enjoying a vanilla chai tea latte and this discipline has been a really good start to my day.

6:45--My nephew arrives.  We usually start our morning by getting out the toy basket.  I sometimes continue to put away dishes or start laundry as he settles in with his toys.  We then go outside to water the plants and watch the morning cars drive by.

8:00-9:00--If I am not going to the gym, I usually get my exercise by taking my nephew out to some sort of outdoor adventure.  We usually go on a hike by the river nearby or will go on a bike ride and sometimes we have a friend join us.  This is a great time for both of us as he gets to be outside while I get exercise and he is usually in a really good mood after this to play before he goes down for a nap.

10:00--We come back home and have a snack, play some more, and continue with tidying up.  I will also try to shower and get dressed while he plays.

11:00-12:00--My nephew goes down for his nap and I try to get some computer work done or edit pictures.  I leave things like showering or tidying up for when he is awake as he enjoys following me around the house as I do these things or plays by himself in whatever room I am in.  Sometimes I will do a workout video if I didn't exercise in the morning.  If I am tired I will take a nap or eat lunch in front of the TV to enjoy some time by myself.

1:00-2:00--When my nephew wakes up we usually have some sort of transitional time where we read a book and ease back into play time.  I try to fit in another activity with him to fill in the last few hours before he gets picked up.  Our latest activities have been walking to the library or painting. 

4:00-5:00--We start preparing for my nephew to get picked up by cleaning up toys, getting his stuff together, and starting any prep work for dinner.  When he gets picked up I finish up whatever we didn't finish and transition to getting ready for my husband to come home from work.

5:00-7:00--My husband comes home and we have dinner.  I clean up the kitchen and we catch up on our days.

7:00--We usually sit down to watch some TV.  I fold laundry or work on something usually while we watch.  Sometimes we work on the computer or go out to run errands together.

9:00--Bed time for these early birds!

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