White Bathroom

I have yet to show you my redecorated guest bathroom.  It was literally redone over the summer.  And it has been sitting on my computer for months.  So though it is full on Christmas spirit in our home right now, I figured I better throw this post in here before I show you my decorations for Christmas.  Because surely, like the good friends you are, would say, "when did you paint your bathroom white?"  Oh yeah...

This was all part of my summertime I want to paint my walls "almost white."  In this case they are actually white.  I was in the bathroom one day and was tired with how the bathroom looked.  It was left sort of a mess decor wise because I was done with the color.  So on a whim I grabbed whatever white paint we had on hand and an afternoon later it was white.  No paint samples.  No thinking it through.  i just did it.  And I feel so much better.

The decor is simple.  Just a frame of some of our engagement photos.  And I really have a hard time decorating around things that are supposed to be in a room.  Like a towel bar.  Towel bars look fine in other people's homes but for whatever reason I am never happy with them.  Perhaps because both of our bathrooms are so tiny it takes up the whole wall.  So I went with hooks instead...from our hallway...that now has less hooks...and obviously got redecorated when I took out almost all the hooks.  Note to self: take pictures of hallway. 

Though we have a master bath, without going into the lengthy details, my husband and I use the guest to shower.  So we both have towels to hang and for me, a robe.  I decided to make the most of keeping our bathroom functional but hopefully still presentable for guests.  I went a little hotelish and hung my robe on the back of our door on a wood hanger.  I make sure to tie the belt.  So much prettier, right?!

I am not in love with our light fixture but don't hate it enough to do anything about it so I disguise it with a little shell chandelier.  Makes it a bit more chic in my opinion.  Plus the chandelier we picked up on our honeymoon in Cancun.  I love a little nostalgia in every room.

See...I am wearing a tank top.  These pictures were obviously not taken this week as it pours down with rain.  And I am pretty sure I am shooting with my old camera.  Yep, we got another camera.  Note to self: finally finish writing that post about the camera equipment we use.

Minor detail...I found this mirror at TJ Maxx for a pretty good price.  I have been looking for one of these for months.  It was one of the beginning items of going a little more modern.  I'm just posting about it backwards.  But it's shape is perfect.  Reminds me so much of the mirror Kate has.

Here is my soap and candles I swear by.  By the way, I took Sarah's advice and poured just a little bit of method soap into my soap dispenser.  Filled it up with hot water.  Circled it around a little.  And inexpensive DIY foam soap was made!  You can read my soap post and the comments for more explanation if you are confused right now.  I would be confused too.  I am rambling.  If you came over and I showed you my bathroom I would talk like this.  Just in case you were wondering.

Christmas posts coming soon!  Pinky pinky promise!