Adding Black Contrast to a White Bathroom

Ever since I embraced my desire for "almost white walls" I have loved how calm and warm our home feels.  There is something interesting with white and creams colors that bring richness to contrasting colors.  Last year, on a whim I painted our guest and main bathroom white with a can of paint I already had on hand.  I literally used every last drop and was at a point where I just needed to be done with the existing blue wall color.  No trying to find the right shade of creamy white--I just needed it to be gone.  

Since then I have played around with the decorating, playing off an all white palette, and it just felt empty and not quite as pulled together as I would like.   And then I gave this black mirror I already had a try and it changed my world.

Just a little bit of contrast was all I needed to make the white really shine.  I continued to add a little more black with some picture frames that have yet to be filled and my silk orchid adds just the right pop of color to bring this small bathroom to life.  

One other small but big change was picking up a small shelf from Target to put the orchid and a candle on.  Just a tiny detail that really makes a huge difference in showcasing the mirror as well as keeping the counter clutter free and ultimately cleaner on a day to day basis.  Pretty and less up keep?  Big win in my book!  I finally love our teeny tiny bathroom.  And all it took was a little black contrast.