Spring Around the House

Spring feels early this year with Sacramento's sunny skies and the early calendar date of Easter.  I am not complaining as I soak up some sun and look forward to the new life that the coming of Spring always brings.  I am still keeping things simple around the house but giving it a few new touches of life. 

The holiday decor is minimal this year but I am still showcasing just a few of my favorite items from past years.  The small touch makes me happy without overwhelming the house.  Life has been busy the past few weeks so I am keeping things as simple as possible.  

Getting ready for Easter, I have started to fill an Easter basket for my husband.

I am having fun playing with some new place mats I picked up at World Market, in preparation for our annual Easter breakfast.

And I have been picking up extra days of watching my nephew while grandma's knee heals.  We have been practicing our alphabet a lot.

My office always seems to be messy, but a few pretty corners help keep me happy while I work.

After a few months of a bare front door, a Spring wreath finally adorns it.

And new molding around our door has finally been put up.  This has been years in the making and what a difference it has made!

Perhaps my favorite part of these Spring like days is spending hours in the garden, planting new flowers and cleaning up the old.  I cannot wait to see everything bloom to life very soon!