New Photo Disk Packaging for Urke Photography

Photo disk packaging

I recently decided it was time for a change when it came to our photo disk packaging we give to our clients for our photography business.  I wanted something simple, easy, and fairly inexpensive while still being stylish and thoughtful.  I came up with the perfect combination that I think fits our style well.

We are easy going, fun, and detail oriented.  But definitely not high maintenance, snooty, or trying to be like everyone else.  I think as I have learned to brand Domestic Fashionista, the more years that pass with Urke Photography, I am seeing the value in branding that business as well.  We want to draw in clients that fit with our brand and not just anyone for the sake of more business.  And I think that finding contentment in that allows us to do better work as well as better meet our client's needs. 

So if you are looking for a photographer, besides quality of image, I would say finding someone who's style fits your own life style will prove to provide you beautiful photos that capture a real view of who you are.  Because they get it. 

Photo disk packaging

Now that I am off my soap box on hiring a photographer, here are the details on our packaging!  I searched online for CD covers that were natural and simple looking and after a very long search I found out that they sold some at Walmart!  I found washi tape at Michael's (they don't have a huge selection but a few basic cute ones) and baker's twine I ordered off of Amazon

I printed one of my favorite images from the photo shoot and printed it out as a square (tutorial on that as well as printing instagram photos at home to come) and then taped it on the cover with the washi tape.

For the disc, I didn't want to just give a plain disc.  We used to print photo labels for the disc but it used up a lot of ink and became an ongoing hassle to create each time.  So instead I kept it simple by stamping their initials on a plain white disk label.  I think it fits well with the handmade touch of the covers.

Photo disk packaging

We wanted to also make sure to provide our name and website on the disk somewhere so I designed these labels to put on the back of the disk cover (another tutorial on that to come as well!).  

Once the covers are finished, I bubble wrapped it for safe travel by mail and finished it off with baker's twine.  I just love that you get a little peak at our label through the bubble wrap.  Functional but still cute.  I think that should be my middle name.

It is a joy to provide beautiful photos to people to look back at for years to come.  But receiving those images in the mail should be a delight just in itself as well!