5 Years of Blogging

five years of blogging

June almost flew by before I remembered to acknowledge this major blogging event!  This month marks five years that I have been blogging.  Five years!?  That is crazy!  There are not too many things that I have committed to beyond five years besides college (took me 5.5 years) and being with Brent (we dated for 4.5 and are going on 9 together).  There is not too much that can keep my attention for the long haul, but blogging has proven to be one of them.

I can still remember writing out on a piece of paper, coming up with names to call my blog.  Domestic Fashionista.  Who knew it would end up sticking so well? 

So much of this place on the internet is a reflection of myself.  A reflection of my heart.  And I am so grateful for it as it has been a place for me to grow, emerge, and gracefully become the woman I am today. 

I imagine, just as it has the last five years, it will continue to change with me.  I transitioned from a just out of college girl to a now married woman.  You were with me when I took the leap from quitting my substitute teaching job to be at home with my nephew.  And through that I better embraced my role as homemaker and was finally honest with my desire to just be at home.  I hope some of you will still be around when we begin to create a family and to whatever else comes in life's way. 

If I had all kinds of money, so deeply in my heart, I would want to give some awesome prize away.  Or if we all lived in the same city, we would celebrate with a big back yard party!  But since I don't have a ton of money and I can't fly you all out here, a big virtual hug will have to do.

But really, I am so so thankful for my readers, for my friends, for you, the faithful confidant that cheers me on when it's hard to cheer for myself.  You have been such a joy, support, and authentic blessing in my heart that I am forever thankful for.