Backyard Patio Furniture Styling

White patio furniture--backyard patio styling

One of my favorite finds was this patio set we found on sale at Home Depot last summer.  I changed up the seating arrangement this year with the intention of creating a more defined space that faced out to our yard. 

White patio furniture--backyard patio styling

I have been spending many mornings with a cup of coffee in hand and enjoying the view of our backyard.  I used to have the furniture facing the house so you could see it from inside.  But I realized how much enjoyable it would be to face the garden while sitting on the furniture.

The furniture is still beautiful facing the back so I am quite happy with this change.  

A few stumps I picked up on a hike last fall make for perfect little side tables. 

Brent made me a little cinder block stand for my vegetable garden.  They help define the seating space while adding greenery to look at.

On the opposite side I created another flower bed so that there would be more plants surrounding the seating area and drawing the eye.

White patio furniture--backyard patio styling

They plants are small now but I also planted two trees that will fill in this space well in a few years.  To add a little color I purchased these blue and white pillows from Target this year.

Backyard Patio Styling

On the other side of the yard we have a small cement pavement that we used to keep the barbecue on.  We changed it up to create another seating area a well as a designated play place for my nephew.  The curved small garden to the side was also added to create more visual interest.  

I am loving the setup of our backyard as it slowly emerges more each year.  We have a garage plan in the works and I am very much looking forward to how that will continue to change and design our backyard space!