Entryway Lamp Vignette

Entryway vignette using a lamp, vase, and mirror.

It's been a weird summer here in Sacramento.  We have had numerous weeks of rain in the midst of our 100 degree heat.  One stormy afternoon I was doing things around the house and noticed that it seemed so dark inside.

And no, those are not scary cat eyes below...but sure seems creepy, huh?  I have no idea what it is!!!

Entryway vignette using a lamp, vase, and mirror.

I grabbed a lamp and added it to our entryway along with some leaves cut from our yard.  With a few lit candles and the cool breeze coming through the windows, it felt like fall.  We usually have a lamp in our entryway in the cooler months but for whatever reason it gets moved when it's not being used.  It felt refreshing to have a reason to change things up.

I know this summer is already flying by and summer will be here before we know it!  But it was such a beautiful afternoon pretending it was fall without the busyness of fall.  And it freshened up our little entryway perfectly.  I may not turn on that lamp again until October but it still makes me happy!

Entryway vignette using a lamp, vase, and mirror.

The faux glass lamp was found at the new Savers Thrift Store in Vacaville (near the outlets) and was quite a find.  I love the modern and sleek look of it.  The shade I found at Target.

And when it is not overcast and dark, it's been looking like this, all fresh and summery.  Who says lamps have to be just for fall?  Apparently I was the only one saying that.  Oops.

And yes, I just showed you six pictures of practically almost the same lamp and mirror.  I am that obsessed with it.  Forgive me.  :)

// What are you looking forward to this Fall?  Too soon to even mention?!