Finding Purpose in Home.

Finding purpose in our home no matter what the type of life we live.

When I decided to write the 31 Days of Creative Homemaking series I was afraid homemaking would not be received well.  I feared the women who worked outside the home would get mad at me.  I was always nervous that my words could be taken the wrong way.  That readers would think I thought my way of living was the only way.  This was my deepest fear about focusing my blog towards homemaking yet deep inside myself I knew that this is who I am and I had to stop hiding behind other things.  Instead I was called to live out my unique life and encourage woman in what I love, know, and breathe on a daily basis.  Because we can all gain and learn things from one another even if we live completely different lives.

This comment from the series summed up my heart so well:
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your 31 days series.  As a woman whose main focus for the past 15 years has been school and career, your series has taught me a lot and has made me rethink things.  I am getting married next year and even though I will continue with my career and long commute, I want to make sure I create a home for our marriage to grow in.  Even if I’m not home a lot, I want to use my skills and strengths to create a home that is warm and inviting.  You really have given some great ideas to help with that. 
We live in an age where life is busy and in a world that expects so much of women.  We try to do it all and then feel like failures when we can't.  And I am so thankful that we can meet here and share our struggles and our celebrations knowing we are all just trying to do our best to be the women we are called to be.

And so I just want to say thank you for getting it with me.  You may not realize it but this has become a safe place for me to become who I really am.  To find great pride in who I want to be and who I believe I was designed to be.  You all have your own stories but you keep on coming back and telling me that you share a heart for the home and this whole homemaking passion I have is not crazy.  It feeds our souls and together we make space in our chaotic lives for a home that means something.

It has been nine months since I wrote 31 Days of Creative Homemaking and it has been a secret goal of mine to turn it into an ebook.  I am about 50% done and would like to have it ready to sell by September, a month before I start another 31 days series.  I think I can do it.  This is my official attempt at some accountability.  Because now that I have made the announcement, I really should follow through. 

It's going to be a big step to put this ebook out there.  It was one thing for you all to read the series, but to pay money to read it again?  I am not sure I have great confidence in that.  But I am hoping some of you will prove me wrong!  And shortly after that I will be starting my new 31 days series and if I thought I was nervous about writing all about homemaking, this one is really going to stretch me.

It's going to be an exciting fall here at Domestic Fashionista.  I hope you will join me!  xoxo


31 Days of Creative Homemaking for the Modern Day Woman is now available as an ebook!  Click here to find out more about this entire series in an easy to read PDF download!