House Cleaning Schedule Cork Board Station

House Cleaning Schedule Cork Board Station

Over the past year I have been looking for some sort of system when it comes to house cleaning to keep myself both organized and motivated.  I tried rigid schedules in the past but needed something that had more freedom for flexibility.  In comes my new house cleaning schedule cork board station.

House Cleaning Schedule Cork Board Station

It is divided up by days--Monday through Friday, each day being designated in blue.  For each day I write down specific tasks for that day that are the same every week.  For example, Mondays I am to start laundry and Wednesdays put out the trash.

House Cleaning Schedule Cork Board Station

Below each day is a pink card that represent weekly tasks.  I split up all the things I would like to do within the week every week on yellow cards.  That way I can move the cards around each week assigning the tasks on days I have the time to complete them.

The yellow cards are monthly tasks.  These are things I would like to do once a month.  If I do not have time to take care of any monthly tasks that week, they are pinned at the bottom for later.  Once they are accomplished, they are put in the envelope to be pulled out again the following month.

The one white card is for daily tasks.  It gets moved to the next day once completed each day.

House Cleaning Schedule Cork Board Station

To break everything down, here is what I have assigned to each of my cards:

Daily/White Card:

-Wipe down bathroom counter and toilets
-Make bed
-Tidy up house (put things away that got left out the following day, dishes, etc)
-Sweep kitchen floor
-Water backyard plants

My daily tasks are set for high hopes that I would accomplish them daily.  But I actually end up only doing them a few times each week.  Either way, by planning to do these daily, they get done much more than they were before.

Monday thru Friday/Blue Cards

-Water indoor plants
-Start laundry

-Put out trash

Weekly/Pink Cards

Split up amongst 3 cards

-Wipe down mirrors
-Wipe counters and table tops
-Wipe down kitchen

Monthly/Yellow Cards

Split up amongst 3 cards

-Sweep entryway
-Clean bathroom floors
-Clean bathtub and shower and wipe down window in shower
-Clean kitchen appliances
-Clean windows
-Wipe down baseboards
-Wipe down doors

Now there are plenty of other things I do around the house.  Some get done without any accountability like emptying the dish washer or changing sheets.  I do not need a reminder to get these things done.  Other things that need to get done only a few times a year usually get attended to when I notice it needs attention--like cleaning ceiling fans or washing window treatments.

The point of this system is flexibility.  If I have a busy week and do not look at the board, I do not get behind, I just start fresh each week.  But by having a place with a list of things I would like to accomplish, I have an organized place to start from. 

// Do you have a system for house cleaning?  What has worked for you in keeping your house clean?


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