Staying Focused

Staying Focused--How knowing your personal style can help you stay focused from comparing your home to others.

I recently was having a conversation with an interior design friend, after visiting her home, about how hard it is to deal with constantly being inspired and wanting to change things.  Yes, this is part of being a creative and design minded person.  But her advice that she gave was to stay focused.  To acknowledge that, "I really like this (insert design idea or pretty thing you want to buy) but it is causing me to lose focus."

When we are bombarded by new ideas it is easy to feel discontentment in our home.  When in fact we may just be getting distracted from the things that that we really do love and are a more accurate example of our own personal style.  Sometimes when I see a home I admire that is not my current decorating style, I try to ask myself if I can really see myself living there.  Just because it is pretty doesn't necessarily mean that it is comfortable to how I specifically live in my own home.

Staying Focused--How knowing your personal style can help you stay focused from comparing your home to others.

I am really drawn to well designed coastal Pottery Barn style homes (aren't we all!).  But in reality I love color, quirkiness, and a little more of my personalty in my home.  Instead of leaving something feeling like I want to change my entire home, I go back to my inspiration boards to regain focus.

I filter my design boards on Pinterest pretty often, only keeping boards and pins that are still inspiring me today.  I go through phases of looks I like and currently am pinning a lot to Gallery Walls and Color + Pattern Inspiration.  Looking at these boards, I am reminded that I am loving color and mixing patterns as well as a new love for art.  Though being in my friend's home seemed to suck me into her design style, once I left I realized I was more inspired by her than needing to make changes in my own home.

I know I am being mislead when I am happy with my home one moment but then easily feel discontent the next when I see something I think is prettier or nicer.  Instead of running out to refurnish my house, I try to remind myself that yesterday I was pretty darn happy with how things looked.

It is okay to be inspired but in order to have a home we really love we need to stay focused.  Stay focused on what you love and don't be distracted by all things new and sparkly.  This is often a difficult thing to do but will lead to a more focused and contented home.


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  1. Loved your book and so excited for you :))

  2. We must be on the same wavelength or something because I have a post scheduled for tomorrow on something similar! I think it has something to do with fall and the whole "back to school", and new colors and new fashions that has me wanting a change. But right now, change and new isn't in our budget. And more importantly (and I need to keep telling myself is that we don't need anything new. When we bought our former house, I was overwhelmed with design options. I loved shabby chic, earthy colors with metallics and wrought iron accessories, and colorful kitschy stuff. Now that we live in a minuscule apartment, I've had to focus, like you were saying. And it's actually relieving to work within these constraints. Self-control is not my strong suit, so limited space and a limited budget is helping me learn some important lessons. I think it's important to remember that I'm going to like a lot of things, yes, but not everything I like has to be incorporated into every space in my house. I can pick and choose, and doing that sort of curating makes the pieces I choose that much more valuable and reflective of who I am.

  3. This resonates with me because we have been unpacking and starting to decorate our new home. I love the put-together, decluttered look of rooms in magazines and even on Pinterest. But trying to duplicate all of that makes me realize that A) it isn't realistic for me because I actually have stuff that needs to be in the rooms, and B) I like rooms that look lived in and welcoming. I haven't yet found the balance between reality and the picture of things in my head.

  4. I agree.
    I pin so many things to my boards that are beautiful, but I most likely won't add those looks to my house because they aren't "me."

    I absolutely LOVE your gallery wall. It's so pretty!

  5. I love this post. I am also highly influenced by others' styles and find myself pinning all the pins!! I love that you go through and delete those that are no longer relevant to you. I will have to do that too. Focusing on a personal style and what 'works' for my family/home is something that I am really trying to do. My mantra this year is "Simplify" - - only the essentials.


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