Time to "Get Old": Looking Forward to 2014

As we are currently full force in this holiday season, I cannot help but start reflecting on the coming end of another year as well as the start of a new one.  December can be a very busy month where I tend to put aside my usual routine for the sake of getting everything done.  But I am choosing to slow down and work on some of my healthy habits in order to continue to maintain a healthy life as I Get Old even through such a busy time of year.

Through each season and every year that passes, I realize that so many of the things I need to do to take care of myself are not just for a season anymore. These things have come to have a significant impact on the way I age in the future.  Keeping my body and diet healthy roll over into each passing year.  Taking time to take care of my emotional and mental health help me work through things now so that I can be a more balanced person in the future.  It is not about losing five pounds or getting through a book, but instead habits that are being invested into the person I am becoming.

As I go into 2014 I want to continue to work both on my physical health and emotional health as I have been working on this last year. I also want to continue working on simplifying my home as to not need more and be content with what I have.

In the fall of 2014, after my 30th birthday and our five year wedding anniversary, we are hoping to take steps to starting a family.  Considering that this very well could be my last year without kids encourages me to be intentional about how I spend my time and look more into my future as I Get Old.

It is easy to only see so much time into my future.  My eyes see no more than today when it feels frantic because of next week's deadline when in fact there is still so much life ahead of me.  I am still at just the beginnings of grasping the woman I am and my purpose in this world.  I want to strive to take the best care of myself so that I can better fulfill that purpose and live a full life.  

It no longer is about a temporary goal or a five year plan.  It is about seeing my life as the big picture that it is and making plans that benefit me on a lifelong scale.  I encourage you as we end this year and start a new one, to consider your goals for 2014 on making you a better person that will still benefit you twenty years from now.  Let's no longer live with the guilt of unattained goals but see each step we take in the right direction as the foundation of the people we have yet to become.


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