Entertaining Seasons + Homemade Whipped Cream Dispenser

One of my college roommates was in town over the holidays so we had her and her husband over for dinner.  As I prepared our meal (I made ribs for the first time!) it reminded me that I had not hosted any sort of small dinner party in a long time.  The last few years have been filled with plenty of parties but rarely small get togethers. 

There was something about preparation for a small intimate meal that I missed.  I had gotten so used to mass entertaining that I had forgotten about the process of a more thought out meal.

Every season is different when it comes to relationships.  Right now we are really blessed to have a larger amount of friends than we have had in awhile.  Whereas a few years ago we had just a handful of closer friends that surrounded around more intimate conversation.  There are pros and cons about each.  I think sometimes we miss the closeness of a few "couple friends" but I do not want to let that nostalgia keep me from the blessing of getting to know a lot of new friends.

We are in a transition period with going to a new church and being at the time of life where our friends are now married and have kids.  Those life changes and time seem to weed out who is available and willing to spend time with us.  It is not personal but rather finding mutual friends that fit the lifestyle we follow.

So I want to leave you today with encouragement that sometimes when we are in one relationship or entertaining phase it is easy to wish for the other.  But it is a season.  So whether you have two friends or twenty, do not let that stop you from having people in your home and loving on them with your hospitality.  Both are great blessings to you and those who get to receive it.


On another note, we got this cool homemade whipped cream dispenser from William Sonoma for Christmas.  We have been on a homemade whipped cream kick, so getting the dispenser has been very fun and entertaining for us.  Being able to add flavors and the simple fact of it being fresh and natural has created a new kitchen staple for our house.  Brent will now show you how it works:

Fill with flavored heavy cream mixture (I like this whipped cream recipe):

Twist on cap:

Insert cream charger (we found a good deal on some online):

Screw charger on with cap:

After you hear the fizz sound of the release, replace with whipped cream tip:

Shake it up:

And squirt it out!!!

It's quite a hit and can technically be considered as your entertainment for the night as you can see!

// What entertaining/friendship season are you in right now?