Tea List with Sage Grayson

I had the lovely privilege of meeting a long time blog friend in real life, Sage Grayson, at the end of last year.  We met semi-halfway (we are both in Northern California) at Tea List in Davis.  This little tea house was just darling with delicious food and a wonderful selection of tea.  

Sage has been such a huge encourager and inspiration to me over the past few months.  She blogs for business and is one smart cookie when it comes to blogging and setting achievable goals.  Perhaps that is why she is a personal life coach!

As a blogger who does everything on my own (blog design, coding, no personal assistant, etc) it is always so great to find fellow bloggers who do the same and can offer help and encouragement in the process.  Despite that fact, we are wired very much alike.  I immediately connected with her when we met, with her kind and honest heart, as well as her desire to always be learning and bettering herself.

Who knew blogging could do all that?!

Besides the company, this is the first time I have been to a tea house recently and got educated on the teas I should try based on the few I was familiar with.  I recently have grown into a large infatuation with tea and have even cut back on my sugar and creamer.  This was just the stepping stone to a new found love for tea.

Plus I love how they served the tea.  New entertaining supplies to add to my wish list!

// Are you a tea drinker?  What are some of your favorites?