January Dining Room + A New Table

Every January seems to bring a clean and clutter free home after the holidays.  I used empty walls as a chance to change up my old gallery walls.  All the art and frames I already had, just mix and matched in new ways. 

We were recently given a new table from a family member which also gives the room a new updated look.  I am quite in love with the new table which also has two leaves!  But even more, I am just thankful for a sturdy table.  Our white one was hanging on it's last leg.

I decided to go with a corner gallery wall on the opposite side of the room.  I like that it draws the eye to our chair.  I have a few empty frames waiting for the right art find.

I kept the mirror where it was after I moved it back here for Christmas.  This wall used to hold my old gallery wall while the mirror hung on the opposite wall.  I cannot believe I kept these walls the same way for almost a year!  I must be growing into my own design taste!

Bringing in a few leaves from the yard gets me excited for spring.  This little vignette is also pretty identical to last January.  It is nice to recreate a familiar January scene.

The house feels fresh, clean, and tidy.  It feels good to have the house in order at the beginning of a new year.  My heart is still as I set goals and feed off of the new year's motivation.  Having a restful home helps me be more productive.

// Is your house back in order after the holidays?  Do you like to change things up or does your home remain the same come the new year?