Our Guest Bedroom

We have a guest room.  I have lived in this house for four and a half years and I am pretty sure I have never blogged about this room.  Because it has not been very pretty.  We do not have a garage nor does Brent have any space to himself (poor guy) so this room has doubled as a guest room and as space for his stuff.  That, in case you weren't sure, is not super pretty.  

But we have a guest room, and just this last year, got passed down a real bed.  This bed has a headboard and bed frame, even nicer than the futon we sleep on.  We do not have a ton of overnight guests (maybe one so far?) but my younger sister in law does stay with us collectively multiple weeks a year whenever her parents go out of town.  It is nice to be able to provide her with her own room.  And on a more regular basis, my nephew takes his naps on this bed twice a week.

After getting a real bed, this room started to look a lot nicer.  It was the incentive I needed to actually style the room.  There is not much to it, just a little wall decoration and a side table with a lamp.  But I think it makes the room so much more welcoming and cozy.

This bed used to be my extra pillow storage where all outcast pillows would go to before making it into the yard sale pile.  I decided I no longer needed pillow purgatory and instead actually picked out pillows that went with the rest of the decor.  It was a coincidence the pillow matches the lamp, and something I would not normally choose to put together, but I like the little bit of matchyness it brings to the space.

This is one of the last rooms with the original wall colors.  It looks pretty good with this setup but eventually it will get repainted.  Though that will not happen until the other half of the room is a little cleaner which probably won't happen until we build a garage.  Such is life.

This room is also the first room you see when you come down the hallway of our front door.  In the past I have purposefully kept this door closed but now I can proudly keep it open showing off our newly styled guest bedroom as well as let in a little more natural light.