Women's Group

I belong to a women's group.  It is a variety of women in their 20's and 30's.  Some are married, some have kids, and some are single.  It is one of few groups that I have been in that seems to bring women in different seasons of life together.  I am really thankful for it.  We meet once a week and read a book or do a study together.  Each week we take turns hosting at different houses.  I really like this aspect of having people in my home but also allowing them to welcome me into theirs.  

I used to be really selfish about hosting.  I always want to host.  I even missed out on being better friends with some women because I sensed competition over who hosted things.  It was pretty ridiculous.  This group has really allowed me to branch out and be less selfish with my home.  I have been blessed to let others show hospitality to me.  I realized it was more important to focus on the relationship than showing off my house.

It is in those intimate conversations surrounded by a hot cup of tea that I feel most thankful for our home and the opportunity to create relationships in it.  I am not just passionate about a pretty home but in the full heart I receive in having people in it.

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