Disneyland Family Vacation Blurb Photo Book

Last year we went on a family vacation with my family as well as my brother's wife's family to Disneyland.  I shared about the trip before but finally got around to making a photo book of it.  This was our first big trip with my family since we were kids as well as our first family trip with little ones.  It was fun to see Disneyland through the eyes of children, while still having the freedom to run off with my husband to catch one more ride on The Haunted Mansion.  Being an aunt is the best of both worlds!

Photo book printed with Blurb--I have been a fan of Blurb for many years now and they are my go to for making photo books. 


  1. You are so creative! I have used other resources for my books but I am willing to use yours for my next one.... Can I slowly work on my book or I have to finish it in one sitting???

  2. They have two formats...one online format that saves your book online but has less features and one that you download on to your computer. The download one, which I usually use, has more features, and your work gets saved on your hard drive until you upload it to order. So you can take as long as you need! The only time I used the online version is when I print instagram books which has a special online format. Once you upload your book and order, the book permanently is available to order again online. If you upload the book but don't order, I think there is a time limit to how long they will host your book if you don't order it.


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