Dressing Up A Simple Wardrobe: A Giveaway For Change

I have a pretty simple wardrobe these days.  Lots of black and navy.  And you might just find me wearing the same outfit two days in a row (if I am seeing different people) which makes the work of getting ready that much easier.  

When I was a teenager I used to spend hours picking out outfits and trying things on.  Though I love style, that creative focus is now spent more on my home than in front of a mirror.  So while style is still important to me, I like to have a routine that doesn't require too much fuss.

Most days you can find me in a skirt and top of some sort.  I have actually embraced more skirts this past year from my usual dresses.  Same idea but just a little different.  I also having been looking for great signature necklaces that easily dresses up an otherwise ordinary outfit.  Having a few great pieces of jewelry helps me to feel pulled together without a ton of effort.  

My sweet friend, Stephanie, recently reached out to me to share about her ambassadorship with the Noonday Collection.  If you are not familiar with Noonday, they are this amazing company that uses fashion for good.  With each purchase we have an opportunity for change in the world by helping restore dignity to abandoned women in Ethiopia, empower communities in Ecuador, and create business opportunities for Ugandans.

Stephanie not only is passionate about being part of Noonday but she also is in the process of adopting in order to reach out to the fatherless (James 1:27).  She has a heart for the orphans of the world and I find her story and heart so inspiring!

Stephanie sent me this beautiful Shine On necklace to share with you all today as well as give away one lucky reader a $50 shop credit to the Noonday Collection!

Visit the Noonday Collection.
Visit Stephanie's blog: Live on a Mission.

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  1. Oooh, tough one. Maybe the scarves. I can always use more scarves!

  2. I'm loving the botanical bag! just ordered the horsehair bracelets -- they are great for everyday this summer!

  3. Love the simplicity and style of your look. You are a great inspiration!! Just ordered your book from Amazon...can't wait to read it!!

  4. Thank you Tracey! You are always such an encouragement to me!!!

  5. I love the earrings and necklaces! Cute outfit btw! :)

  6. I am like you, black, navy and white. I like the Lines and Stripes Catch All so classic and the collection and artists are amazing :)

  7. My favorite item in the Noonday Collection? It's between the Lines and Stripes Catch All, the Tushabe Layered Necklace and the Tasseled Ladder Necklace!


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