Updates to our Guest Bedroom

Our little guest bedroom/nephew nap time bed/sister in law stay over room has been serving us well.  We have established it as the official drop off your coat and purse room and our guests know where to drop their things.  Now that the room gets so much more exposure I have been having fun with adding a few more decor pieces.

It first began when I noticed as I walked down the hall that this corner by the closet was in eye's view from the door.  We had empty file folder hangers up that I finally took down and replaced the corner with a chair and framed print.  I love that it now catches my eye every time I walk by.

The natural sunlight that comes through this room adds so much extra light to our otherwise dark hallway.  We used to shut the door when we had guests over when the room was not very presentable.  I am happy to have the door open now, letting in extra light, as well as a pretty place to see when you first walk through our front door.

Above the bed I added a cluster of things I had around the house as well as this new heart foil print  Handmade by Jennifer Chase sent me.  There was no real plan when I put together this room but the combination of golds and yellow with a few feminine touches makes for a lovely little setup.  The lamp and pillows were extra items I was not using anywhere else and I was pleasantly surprised that the matching prints in both yellow are really appealing to me, a combination I would not otherwise put together.  I love a happy accident!

Even if chairs do not get a ton of use in a room, I think the additional space to put stuff down is helpful for guests (like when my sister in law stays over).  A tight corner would otherwise be wasted, being too small for any type of table.

I will admit it is a little weird to design a space that I do not use myself.  Yet at the same time, the room remains fairly clean and it is a bed that I do not have to make daily.  It's just a pretty little space that has a purpose but a not a lot of heavy use.  It feels like a nice luxury.  I think I am a little jealous I do not get to sit in that bed and stare at the pretty things like I do any other room of the house!

So if you ever want to come and stay the night some time, this will be your room.  But do not be fooled, there is a corner of the room full of my husband's stuff that gets cropped out of all these pictures!  But don't worry, the pretty art and my chatty hospitality will make you barely notice it!

Handmade by Jennifer Chase also sent me this beautiful monogram print of our last name.  If you are looking for some new art to cheer up a room, you can find all of her beautiful prints over at her Etsy shop