Things I am Loving Right Now

I do not do too many roundups lately of things I love or links worth checking out.  In a dream world I would do it weekly but my mind is just too chaotic to put it together most weeks.  So here is a first edition to many more or never again.  I am just not sure.  Just go with me here.

1. These adorable gift wrap ideas: I love the mix of patterns and color.  I do not give as much attention towards wrapping as I could.  This inspired me.

2. Being featured in Good Housekeeping: if you follow on Facebook or Instagram this is old news.  But I had to share it again.  Because it is Good Housekeeping.  That little plate wall was and continues to be so good to me. 

3. Famer's Market Party: Yes, a farmer's market party.  Quite possibly the cutest idea ever.  I love that it is completely well styled yet tastefully casual.  What a sweet party idea that I am locking away for later.

4. Massage Envy Spa: the wonderful and beautiful people of Massage Envy and the relaxation world sent me to check out their Roseville location for a facial and massage recently.  It was probably the best two hours of 2014.  I felt so pampered and luxurious.  More water?  Yes, please.  Cozy robe?  Don't mind if I do.  If you are looking for the opportunity for some well needed me time, let me recommend Massage Envy.  Would make a great Mother's Day gift as well!

5. Flower Ceramic Colanders: these adorable colanders from World Market make me want to eat more fruits and vegetables.  I will take all three.

6. Ambient Noises: My friend Sage put together a roundup of great resources for ambient noise to listen to increase productivity.  My personal favorite is Soundrown.  I like playing the mix of bird sounds and coffee shop or playground.  The mix of nature and people is proving to help me get work done with less distractions.

7. My baby nephew: My baby nephew arrived on Thursday and we are already completely in love with him!  I also got to experience a bit of parenting boot camp as we took in my other nephew for two days straight including our first "sleepover".  It went surprisingly well but I will admit I was pretty tired by the time we took him home.  But our family is feeling so blessed to add another little one to our family.  I am sure you will see plenty of him via your Instagram feed in the next coming months! 

That's what I am loving this week!  How about you?