Backyard Barbecue Dinner Party

For Father's Day this year (I know, I know...I am super behind on blog posts!) we had a little backyard barbecue for my dad and brother.  It is always a creative challenge to throw parties for men, so I used what I had to come up with a more masculine tablescape.

I had some giant blue crepe paper that didn't end up working for what I bought it for.  So I cut off a piece and used it as a table runner.  It was the perfect splash of color.  I also recently picked up some black and white striped napkins that served as a bold pattern for the table.  I am kind of in love with black and white stripes.  Stay tuned for the gloriousness that is to come.

Since this was a man's meal and there were just eight of us, using the food as the table decor worked out well.  Because who doesn't get excited about a delicious barbecue spread right in front of your very eyes?

We served lemonade and tea alongside my favorite blue cheese burgers and homemade potato wedges.  My sister in law has an awesome macaroni and cheese recipe that she brought along and we ate ourselves silly.

We ended up hosting back to back parties that weekend which means when I am overwhelmed with cooking and decorating, gift wrap comes last.  My dad's gift came in a Chipotle bag.  I think it still came out pretty darn cute.

Our Mexican banners worked well with the bright navy runner.  Just enough festivity to feel like a party without a ton of extra work.

Oh, and there was also corn.  Because I never want to barbecue without corn.

This menu definitely takes effort but it's simplicity and comfort food qualities never seem to disappoint. 

And then we had these cookie, oreo, brownie bars with ice cream.  All bellies were full.

And my cutie patootie baby nephew was also a real treat.  How cute is he!?!?!?!

As the years go by I continue to grow more grateful of this time we get to spend with family.  To have them in our home to enjoy simple evenings together fills my heart so much.

I even caught a glimpse of it all from indoors. 

Another day, another party.  I love the community our home allows us to enjoy.