Backyard Summer Entertaining: Women's Group

I recently hosted my women's group at my house and decided to take our snacks and intimate conversation outdoors.  It was a lovely summer evening, not too hot with just a little bit of a breeze.

In the cooler months, I often put out coffee and tea for girly get togethers.  But since it is summertime I have transitioned to serving iced coffee and iced tea.  The iced coffee was a huge hit with my caffeine addict friends!  Such a treat to be able to add your own flavors with my never ending collection of sugar free Torani syrups.

We recently found these adirondack chairs at Bed, Bath, and Beyond on clearance along with a coupon.  It was the steal of a century for these usually pricey chairs.  I think we got four for about the price of one.  Amazing.

My friend helped me gather a few more stumps from a tree that was getting cut down in our neighborhood.  They acted as foot stools or extra tables.

Gotta love some iced coffee goodness.  I try not to drink too much caffeine these days so when I know friends are coming over, I literally crave it all day!

The new chairs proved to work well with our existing patio furniture.  Plus it is really nice to have the extra casual seating.

I am always so blessed to have my women's group over.  It is a combination of two of my favorite things -- entertaining and community.  We are currently reading through Donald Miller's book Storyline (by my recommendation) and it has allowed our group to get to know each other more intimately and grow closer through sharing our stories.  I highly recommend it to you introspective soul sisters out there!

And like clock work, the lights start to show off as the sun begins to set.