Creating A Quiet Bedroom Atmosphere

Of all the rooms in our home, our bedroom has been changed around the least.  I have moved the bed around and changed up the decor here and there, but for the most part, for a small room, it has remained the same when it comes to style and atmosphere.  

The room has always been neutral with white bedding and window treatments.  Creating a space that is both welcoming and quiet has always been my main focus for the room.  I even try to be good about making the bed every morning to keep this room clutter free.  Having the bed made helps encourage me to keep this room picked up and clothes put away.  When the rest of the house gets used and filled with paper piles and dirty dishes, there is something about having at least one room that is put together.  It is one less room to pick up and a welcoming retreat at the end of the day.

I have made a few changes since the last time I shared about our bedroom.  I switched out the old blue wingback chair in this room with the one from my office. The previous blue chair was a side of the road find and though I cleaned that thing like a mad women, a cat smell continued to linger from it over time.  I eventually couldn't handle it and ended up giving it away.  Proof that sometimes behind a pretty picture is not always a very pretty reality! 

The decorations are minimal but intentional.  I love just a few pretty things around the room like my floral prints and bust.  I always look to hotels for inspiration.  They have an ability to create a luxurious retreat without a lot of fuss.  The stenciled walls add a subtle design without being too loud.

Besides creating a quiet atmosphere with the decor, I recently started spraying a little lavender on my pillow at night.  It seems to really help me relax when my mind isn't quite ready to quiet down.

We also recently switched out our old smoke alarm with a Kidde Worry-Free smoke alarm.  There has been countless amount of times that our old smoke alarm's battery would start running low in the middle of the night waking us with an obnoxious beep.  I would have to nudge my heavy sleeping husband to get up and change out the battery.  It was the last thing we needed waking us when trying to sleep in our otherwise quieted bedroom!

But with our new smoke alarm, with it's battery life of ten years (!!!) we are no longer being waken in the middle of the night and can instead go to bed, worry free, knowing that we will only be awaken if there actually is a fire. 

Living in California, they recently came out with a new law that will be doing away with alkaline battery smoke alarms and will be replaced with these long life alarms that are being recommended by the National Fire Protection Association.  Not only are these new smoke alarms keeping families safe but they are also saving the average household $40 in battery replacement cost. 

Kidde is giving away one of their Worry-Free smoke alarms to one California resident!  Leave a comment below to enter!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Kidde.  As always, all opinions are mine.  Thank you for supporting the brands that make Domestic Fashionista possible.