Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Italian Soda

In the summer I am all about cold drinks.  I am, for the most part, a water drinker.  But sometimes I just want something cold and refreshing...or I just need a little caffeine boost.  Being able to have a drink that is a treat for me at home is important.  Sometimes that caffeine and sugar gets me through a long afternoon or makes dinner feel a little special.  Plus, I love to come up with fun concoctions, exploring my creative side through what I drink!

My most recent obsession is the Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Italian Soda.  I am mainly a diet soda girl and though I love a zero calorie beverage, I'll admit they aren't always quite tasty enough to curb a sweet tooth.  Diet Dr Pepper Cherry is probably my favorite diet soda.  It seems to have the right combination of fizzy dark soda flavor with just a hint of cherry.  Drinking it on it's own is usually a treat in itself.  But days where I really need something creamy to go with my caffeine, in comes this little concoction.

By adding sugar free Torani, I add flavor without the calories.  And then the sugar free Coffee Mate adds some of that creamy milky flavor that takes this thing to a whole new level  Can you tell I'm a little obsessed with my yummy drinks?  It has to have equal taste factor with calorie intake for me to drink.  Otherwise, I would just rather have water.

The thing I love about this drink recipe is that it is more of a general idea.  Yes, I measured things out so you would know how much of what to put in there.  But really, at our house we just put a dash of this and squirt of that to make fun and different drinks all the time.  So play around with the flavors and see what you like!  Go ahead and give your taste buds a treat without all the guilt! 

Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Italian Soda

1 Can Diet Dr Pepper Cherry

4 Tablespoons Sugar Free Vanilla Coffee-Mate

2 Tablespoons Sugar Free Vanilla Torani Syrup (can be found at most grocery stores)

2 Tablespoons Sugar Free Black Cherry Torani Syrup (You can order this on Amazon but I also can find this occasionally at BevMo)

Fill a large cup with ice.  Pour all ingredients into cup and stir!  Enjoy!