Simple Chocolate Banana Protein Shake

I am a huge fan of shakes.  Protein shakes...fruit and veggie shakes...blend it up with some ice and you have what I have eaten for breakfast for over five years...maybe more.  I cannot even remember that far back.  I go through seasons where I am obsessed with certain foods but they usually die out.  This is one exception.  Starting my day with the proper nutrients helps me get through a morning workout as well as helps clean out my body of the previous day's impurities.  I am all about the shake.  And it brings me great joy to come up with new combinations.

I'll admit that it is hard to find a protein powder that fits your dietary needs, tastes good, and isn't terribly expensive without trying a few.  I did some research after choosing to not use soy protein anymore about what was the best for you as well as best tasting protein powder.  There are a lot of suggestions out there.  But based off of a few resources I really trusted, I decided to try Designer Whey.  I was recently told that whey protein actually does not have a lot of lactose in it making it easier to digest with my lactose sensitivities. 

Since I have switched, I am really happy with it.  Both the chocolate and vanilla are pretty good which has been hard for me to find a powder where I liked both flavors equally.  But since trying this recipe and using cocoa powder for chocolate taste, I am sold on having just the vanilla flavor from now on.  This recipe is just slightly more of a natural chocolate taste that I like, plus it is nice to not have two giant protein powder tubs taking up my precious cabinet space.

I realize chocolate banana is not a new combination.  But when I call this a simple recipe, it is simple in the fact that I use basic combinations to create a delicious but not fussy morning drink.  When I am running out the door in the morning or perhaps half asleep at 5:00 am, I don't want to make something that I have to refer to a recipe for.  I want to just dump and blend.

This is a dump and blend with ingredients I always have on hand.  When I am starving or craving something sweet, this shake is so easy to make, I don't even have the time to listen to my screaming hunger to grab a chunk of cheese or chips instead.

Simple Chocolate Banana Protein Shake 

1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
1/2 frozen banana
1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup water

Dump and blend.

I have a Vitamix that I use and love.

And I find Designer Whey at some of my local Target stores.  You can also find it online.