Black Bean and Hummus Burrito

I will admit, this is not the prettiest recipe I have ever shared but it definitely is a good dose of reality.  Afternoon eating is hard for me.  I have my breakfast down to always shakes and dinner time is usually planned in advance for my husband and I.  But for lunch I am usually on my own and I try to not indulge too much on leftovers or food that comes in a bag that can be quickly grabbed.  I get tired of salads and soup and sometimes want something a little savory without over indulging.

These black bean and hummus burritos are so easy yet pretty darn good.  They are far from anything fancy but sometimes slopping some food on a plate and putting it into the microwave is all I have the energy for.  I also like to change this up by adding veggies or lettuce.  I recently did a hummus and cucumber wrap and it was surprisingly really good and refreshing.

The low carb tortillas are the key.  The garlic hummus and Taco Bell sauce add flavor and the beans add texture and protein.

Black Bean and Hummus Burrito

1 tablespoon (or so) garlic hummus
1/4 cup black beans
1 packet of taco sauce
1 low carb tortilla

Assemble and microwave! 

And if you want to go crazy, a little cheese also goes a long way for flavor!