Superman and Wonder Woman: Couple's Halloween Costume

For a Halloween party this year my husband and I dressed up like Superman and Wonder Woman.  This was not our original plan.  I was still planning on wearing my Wonder Woman costume I have had for years and Brent was going to dress up as something else. 

But when I came out in my costume, he remembered he had a Superman snuggie that I had got him for Christmas one year (I have a Hello Kitty one naturally).  And suddenly we had a couple's costume.

The snuggie is too funny.  It's almost like it was custom fit to his body.  We pinned it in the back so it would be more fitting.  It was a hit and he most definitely won as the most comfortable costume of the night!

The Wonder Woman costume I bought at Walmart one year on clearance after Halloween.  Here is a link to what looks like the costume thought it is a little different.  But oddly I noticed that some of Walmart's costumes look different on the model than what actually comes in the bag??

And we found our Snuggies at Hot Topic but you can also buy them on Amazon.

As for Halloween night?  We will be putting on our Fred and Wilma costume again.  It is the only costumes I have ever hand made so we are wearing them for the third year in a row!