20 Snack Ideas for Adults (and Kids!)

During the week between Christmas and New Years my husband has the week off of work.  It is a wonderful week of downtime after the holidays where we get to spend time resting and relaxing at home. 

This year I wanted to be more intentional in planning ahead to have snack food at home for in between meals.  So I got online and scoured the internet for snack ideas only to find blog post after blog post of snack ideas for kids.

While helpful, there seemed a void of snack ideas for adults.  Sure many of these crossover but I compiled my own list of 20 snack items for adults (which are also likely to be kid friendly as well).  

1. Celery and peanut butter

2. Apples with peanut butter Greek yogurt dip (or even salted caramel Greek yogurt dip)

3. Chicken nuggets

4. Popcorn

5. Dried apples

6. Fruit salad

7. Grilled cheese

8. Muffins (like zucchini bread)

9. Jello with Cool Whip

10. Homemade Chex mix

11. Bruschetta

12. English muffin pizzas

13. Granola bars

14. Hard boiled eggs

15. Quesadillas

16. Bean burritos

17. Veggies with ranch dressing

18. Skinny chocolate pudding mousse

19. Homemade dehydrator fruit roll ups

20. Frozen "yogurt" made with fruit