How to Make Froth Milk at Home

Forgive me if this is not a new concept to you, but with my new found obsession with hot drinks this winter, I am coming up with all kinds of yummy concoctions to get me through cold and long days.  

I recently picked up a handheld frother to use at home.  I did a some research and decided that these little battery powered ones worked best for what I wanted.  I am all about my drinks being an experience.  So pouring my milk into a pretty container is what I am about.  But at the same time I do not froth milk daily so I did not want anything bigger to take up too much storage space.

So the tools needed are milk (we do lactose free around here), a glass sauce server, and handheld milk frother

Heat up the milk in the microwave then use the frother to froth away.

It should about double in size.

I like the idea of using this when having guests over.  Very quick and easily I have a bunch of froth for guests to pour into their drink.

I like to also add a little flavor.  You can add some flavored syrup to the froth or to your drink.  Either way, it is guaranteed to be extra delicious!  I especially love the sugar free Torani syrups

I add milk froth to both my coffee and tea!  You could even get crazy and add it to hot chocolate!  Either way, a little comfort in a coffee mug from home does good things for your spirit!  Enjoy!