Coffee Station and Family Purpose Statement

I recently set up a little coffee station in the kitchen giving up some prime counter real estate.  I wasn't sure how I would like giving up so much space even if it was pretty.  But it has become one of my favorite little corners that I am glad I gave it a chance.

Last summer when I attended the BlogHer conference, I was invited to attend a breakfast put on by Keurig.  I was in a room full of full time, super famous, food bloggers so it was quite the privilege to be included.  We got to learn all about Keurig's new 2.0 machine that came out last fall as well as receive our own machine to take home.

These people sure know their marketing because I am hooked!  I'll admit that I never had intentions of buying my own Keuring machine.  I was plenty happy with my little hand me down coffee maker that my mother in law told me to sell at our yard sale!  I am not a huge coffee drinker, so having a sophisticated machine was unnecessary to this tea drinker.  Plus I already mentioned the whole prime counter real estate thing.

But after the last few months of winter I have fallen in love.  For a frugal girl, it's a little insane.  The latte pods are my favorite.  Even though I have sweetener and creamer on hand.  Having the machine do it on it's own is life changing.  Having a warm drink to savor during the day is truly an experience.  Between that and our fireplace, there are some days where I float around the house living in a daydream.  This ambiance thing is no joke. 

Besides a pretty place to grab a cup of something warm (or even cold!), this little corner houses our family purpose statement.  It was inspired by the book Organized Simplicity where Tsh breaks down creating your own family purpose statement.  She asks some great questions that point you to key words, but really you could use mine as a guide if you wanted to throw one together.

It ended up next to our coffee station by accident simply because I could not find an open place anywhere else where I would actually read it on a regular basis.  The kitchen seems to be the main hub of our home on most days so I am glad to have it at a place that I can come back and refer to often.

Besides setting up a nice coffee station, I also have been collecting matching mugs for my mug rack.  They are all from Anthropologie and are highly inspired from Melissa of The Inspired Room's coffee station set up.

I cannot even tell you how many times I have obsessively gone back to her post to stare at her mugs and count how many she has in each style.  I was very serious about how this coffee tree was to look.

Since I try to keep the kitchen counters fairly empty, this little cart is the main decoration/storage space for eyes to wander to.  I wanted to make sure it was both lovely and functional.

I also received this glass mixing bowl for my KitchenAid for my birthday last year.  It is pure love.

So thank you to Keurig for making me a hot drink addict.  This is not a sponsored post if you can believe it.  They did ask kindly if we would post about our machine over six months ago but I didn't.  Receiving the machine came with no strings attached (though I did post about it on Instagram initially because, hello, they gave me a free Keurig!).  But honestly this post is coming to you out of pure love and obsession for my machine. 

One other thing -- I do use the machine for hot tea bags quite a bit as well.  When making one cup of tea just for myself, the convenience of hot water on demand is pretty nice. 

So I suppose the defining question would be if and when it breaks would I buy a new one?  Absolutely.

Well played Keurig.  Well played.