What's In My Gym Bag

I love seeing the little details of everyday life so I thought I would start sharing a what's in my bag series.  To start things off, today I am sharing what I throw in my gym bag.

The bag is from 31 Gifts but was a monthly special meaning they do not have it in stock on a regular basis (or ever again, I do not know).  But what I love about it is the size, material, and pockets.  It is made for the gym so it can withstand dirt, sweat, and stinky tennis shoes.  If you are looking for a good gym bag, I recommend finding one made to withstand the elements.  I always liked the Gaiam Metro Gym Bag if I was to get a new one.

The bag is bigger than what I normally carry in it but it leaves plenty of room to throw a jacket or sweatshirt in there if necessary.  I am pretty particular at what things touch in a bag so I definitely appreciate the side water bottle pocket (no water dripping out and getting my book or wallet wet!) and I use a carabiner clip to hook on my weight lifting gloves.  The gloves do not get terribly smelly but they do get sweaty so I like that they can air out separate from what I keep inside the bag.

When I go to the gym I also throw in my wallet, keys, and phone.  But besides those items I grab from my purse, I like to keep the bag full of all my gym essentials.  Included in the bag is a water bottle, gloves, jump rope, tissues, arm case for my phone (I love this one because it can fit my phone, driver's license, and my keys with clicker), earphones, a book, my workout cards, and my running belt.  

I do not use all of these items each time I hit the gym, but it is nice to have them on hand for when I need them.  The running belt is for running outdoors so though I do not use it in the gym, I keep it in my bag so I know where it is.  It is sort of my exercising catch all place so I know where to find things. 

My weight lifting routine is written out on cards so I always have a guide for what to do.  You can read more about my card system here.

If I am going to a class at the gym, I usually just bring my regular purse.  I do leave another pair of earphones in my purse so in case a class gets canceled or I choose to walk on the treadmill afterwards, I have music to listen to on my phone readily available.

But for busy mornings that I am running out the door, I love that I can just grab my bag and go.  I do not have to worry about forgetting anything making getting to the gym that much easier!