A Season of Grad School

My husband started grad school in January and is currently taking this semester’s courses online. It has been a big transition for us, on top of some other commitments he is currently locked into (besides work). We get to see each other lots – him behind a computer and me running by with a load of laundry. But we are home a lot. Which is no complaint on my part. But for someone who already spends a lot of time at home and by myself, I have this odd amount of free time now on our nights and weekends that were usually spent together.

In the beginning I was kind of emotional and sad about it. I missed my husband. I worked hard during the day so that when he came home at night, we could relax. I realized I did not know how to relax on my own and was relying on our down time at the end of the day to be my excuse to finally stop doing.

So as each week goes by we have started to find a new routine. I have new creative energy with my extra time. And we go out for a lot more date nights. He needs to get out of the house after being cooped up listening to lectures and studying and I get excited for a little one on one time.

It is a weird and not ideal season. But I am starting to enjoy the sweetness of it. I am falling in love with my home again by seeing it’s creative potential. I enjoy having Brent around in the quiet as we do are separate things together. I give him a kiss on the cheek as I walk by to remind him I see him and am thinking of him.

I am learning to rest better. I allow myself to sit down (or lay down!) during the day or at night because I feel less rushed to be productive all the time. I move slowly and thoughtfully throughout my day as a sort of coping mechanism with our current circumstances. And it is proving to do wonders for my heart and soul.

While I do not envy the thought of going back to school I relish in a season of intentionality. Our face to face time is a lot less than it used to be so grabbing lunch together or discussing our days in the car seem more special. It sort of reminds me of when we were dating and the moments we could get together were so important.

I do not advocate being busier in order to appreciate each other more. But I will take this time as an opportunity to take what this season is teaching us and find how it can enrich our marriage.

Because we know it is not forever. But I dare not let it pass us by without making the most of it.