7 Prayer Station Ideas

As a creative and kinesthetic learner, I learn from doing, writing, and processing.  So when it comes to my faith and prayer life, the same applies.  Over the years I have lead a few prayer gatherings where I set up stations for people to spend time praying prompted by creative direction.

This is not usually something I would blog about but over the last few years of leading these prayer activities and throwing away old information, I find myself, every year, searching online for ideas again.  There are not a lot of simple prayer station ideas out there, so I thought I would share my ideas that can be thrown together with things I have at home on a short time schedule.  

Please also excuse my terrible photos.  They were taken quickly and in poor lighting.  :)

Station 1: Draw

Read, meditate, and draw from provided scripture and worship music that is playing in the room -- I cut up a bunch of verses and put out paper and crayons to draw with.

Station 2: God of New Beginnings

Using the prompt, God of new beginnings, consider things to "leave behind" and how you would like to "move forward." 

Station 3: Praise and Thanksgiving

Write what you are thankful for and offer a word of praise.  I hung this one up on the wall for participants to tape up their responses.

Station 4: Family Tree

Using a tree image, write names of people that you consider part of your "family tree" and use as a guide in praying for them.  This was, by far, the most popular one this time around.

Station 5: Forgiveness

In this station, participants are asked to write the names of people they need to forgive on their hands.  As a sign of forgiveness, they wash the name off with soap and water.

Station 6: Rest

A verse to meditate on and a few pillows to get comfortable on.  Participants are encouraged to just sit and rest in His presence.

Station 7: Bring Burdens to the Cross

This last station is a place to offer burdens to the Lord.  Participants can write their thoughts on a piece of paper and tape it to the cross signifying giving it over to God.

Whenever I put together these prayer stations it is encouraging to see people pray and connect with God in new ways to them.  Sometimes in the church spending time with God looks a certain way.  So for easily distracted people like me who struggle with sitting still and reading the Bible or praying, having something more interactive is often refreshing for those who need some encouragement to connect with God in more active ways.

Though the response is very positive, there are often a few who struggle with trying some of the stations.  Sometimes this is just a wall where people are not ready to go there but for some it is just not their natural way of connecting.  That is okay and I encourage those who aren't sure what to do to simply just sit in their chair and take it in.  There is no pressure to participate if they do not want to. 

With a background in education, I have learned how important it is to provide different learning styles giving different personalities an opportunity to participate and grow.  This does not just apply in the classroom but also is important to consider in our spiritual life.  My husband and I attend a typical Americanized Christian church with music and preaching.  Though we are in support of this type of gathering, I hope to offer, through these stations, something else for those who seek to go deeper in creative ways.