Photo and Christmas Card Ring

The Christmas card ring is no new idea.  But after seeing multiple posts on Instagram about it this year I decided to give it a try.  So while I am not offering a new idea here, I am hoping to share another spin on this photo keepsake idea.

I am going to be honest, I tend to throw stuff like this away.  All Christmas card senders just died a little inside.  But I have a few that I have kept over the years that sit in a box with a few other saved mementos that I desire to keep but don't really have any use for besides sitting in a box to look at five years from now.  I am a romantic and love nostalgia but I also do not care for clutter so through the years I have been trying to be better at actually doing something with memory type objects so they don't just sit in a box.

So this year I gave the Christmas card ring a try.  But what I love even more than that is that I had quite a few other printed photos that I collected all year that I wanted to keep but did not have a digital copy to save.  So I have decided that my ring is not just a Christmas card ring but rather an all year around photo ring.  Photo booth printed photos, wedding announcements, and silly photos with Santa at Walmart now have a place to be remembered.

And now it is like it's own mini photo book that I can leave out for guests to look through.  I like having things for people to look at when they are at my home but I also get a little OCD about filling my refrigerator up with pictures after the holidays. 

I am not sure yet if I will make a ring for every year or just add to the same ring until it is full.  And as a purger, I may sift through this every few years.  But at least I am trying to preserve the kindness and joy that comes from being given a Christmas card each year.  I do really appreciate the gesture and look forward to finally enjoying these photos all year long.