A Springtime Mantel

Springtime seems to be in full bloom in my corner of town.  My allergies can vouch for that.  So while I love the pretty flowers that are starting to pop up, I forgot that when my nose starts itching, all I want to do is hide indoors. 

So while I watch my spring trees bloom from inside the house, I am also filling my home with signs of spring.  Pretty flowers and pops of color to bring some life back into our after the holidays winter home.

I start bringing house plants back in to the decor as well as crave lots of color and texture.

I am still trying to get the whole mantel and fireplace thing right.  I am currently playing around with an arm chair and some poufs to fill up the surrounding floor space.  Having a brand new look and layout of our dining room is challenging my creative nesting skills.

The thing that surprises me the most is how much more we use this room.  While it is just my husband and I who eat dinner in our home on a regular basis, our main dining table usually just collects mail instead of getting used on an everyday basis.  But now that we have the fireplace I am finding myself folding laundry in front of the fire or curling up with a book and some tea.  My nephews are even using the open floor space to play more.

I love having a home where all the rooms get used and lived in.  I never want it to be just pretty to look at or to turn rooms into storage space for unneeded stuff.  So I am proud to say this room is now getting plenty more wear and tear as well as cozy mornings and spending time with others.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing what else I have been working on in this space.  Stay tuned!