What's In My Toiletries Bag

With Paris being our first big international trip I streamlined my toiletry bag that is now ready to grab and go.  Since we only packed carry on bags I wanted something small that could squish in my bag but still hold all of the essentials.  Because my husband does not require much, I just packed both of our toiletries in one bag so that they are all in one place.

Since the bag was fairly roomy, I used smaller see through bags to organize them by use.  

I had a bag for:

1. Makeup
2. Shower supplies
3. Brushing teeth
4. Hair ties
5. Liquids to be removed at airport security (contact solution, laundry detergent, hair gel)
6. Miscellaneous items: Hair spray, hand sanitizer, brush, bobby pins, deodorant (we each got our own travel size and I wrote our names on it with a sharpie -- we share almost everything but I draw the line at toothbrushes and deodorant!)

They all fit nice and snug in the bag but are still easy to grab with the clear zippered bags.

Besides a few of the items that I use everyday, this bag is pretty much ready to go the next time we go on an overnight trip.  I always seem to forget something when I go on a trip so having an already stocked toiletries bag gives me one less thing to pack and worry about.