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I have been catching up on my travel photo books.  This being proof with our sixth month anniversary trip we took to Lake Tahoe.  That we took five. years. ago.  I am pretty on top of vacation style photo books but this trip was before we had a DSLR camera and before I edited photos.  So because I am a bit of a perfectionist, I wanted to edit the photos before I made a book.  Five years later it finally happened!

I printed the book through Shutterfly.  And in case you are on to me and two days ago I raved about my forever faithfulness to Blurb, I occasionally print through Shutterfly because they often offer free books (proof again - at the end of this post I have a free book code for you! yay!). 

Shuttefly offers a great quality book and so every time they offer their standard free 8x8 twenty page book, I am all over it (which they offer multiple times a year - it's amazing!).  I occasionally go over the free twenty pages (which you pay for additional pages) but for the most part I am able to stay within the limit with a weekend trip or a photo book that I am giving as a gift.  If you need a few more examples I made an alphabet book for my nephew, a high school football book for my cousin, newborn photos book for my other nephew, and a family photo session book for my in laws.  At twenty pages, I can easily throw together a beautiful book in just a day and I have a unique and beautiful gift to give.

Besides enjoying beautiful Lake Tahoe, this trip was an extra special one to me.  Besides our honeymoon, this was our first little overnight getaway that we took together.  It felt so grown up to be married and being whisked off for a weekend away together. 

Looking through these photos, we look like babies.  It is amazing what five years can do to you! 

What I especially love is that I remember us taking the gondola up to check out the expensive and fancy Ritz Carlton that was at the top of the mountain.  Little did I know that a few years later we would actually get to stay there when I got invited to visit the HGTV Dream Home (which is also another photo book I finally printed that is currently in the mail on its way)!  We seem so sweet and naive of all the wonderful and blessed things that were yet to come in our life together. 

And honestly, we have not been snowboarding since.  We are getting old.

So if you are in market for a free 8x8 twenty page book, I have the hook up for you!  It is good to up to a $29.99 value so you can use it for a bigger book if you would like.  Shipping is not free but if you make the 8x8 twenty page, I believe it comes to about $7 with shipping.  A pretty amazing deal in my opinion.

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