DIY Personalized Alphabet Book

DIY personalized alphabet book

For my nephew's second birthday, I made him a personalized alphabet book using pictures I have taken of him and combining them with words he was familiar with.  He really loves letters so I thought this would be a fun book for him to look at as he continues to learn and practice his alphabet.  But honestly, I think his mom was the one who loved the book the most!

To make the book I made each page in Picasa that easily allows you to make collages and add text.  I then uploaded the pages into Shutterfly (which I had a coupon for).  For smaller books like this, I think Shutterfly offers a great product and often has promotional coupons that get you nearly free books (I have gotten free book coupons from buying a camera and from Target at the checkout stand on top of other occasional discounts they offer).