Moms Group Spring Session: Waffle Bar and Cupcake Liner Name Tags

We started up the Moms Group that I coordinate again after a little break for the winter.  After the holidays I had to make some hard decisions on how we would continue to run our group.  While we had a wonderful full fall session, I found myself burnt out and unable to keep up with the demands of the group.  So we made some changes - provided some margin - and it was the best decision we could make.

We have switched to meeting every other week and I have given away a ton of my responsibilities to a team of wonderful women and for the first time since we started, I honestly feel like I am finally finding my place in it all.  Though things were fun, creative, and purposeful in the fall, it is now that I see myself truly thriving in the role that I have been put in.  It is incredibly life giving to serve in a place that truly uses my gifts.  I am so grateful that I had to get burnt out in order to truly find the rhythm that our group needed in order to thrive.

So for our first week back we kicked off our session with a waffle bar.  It was lovely and delicious and the attention to detail came from a place of refreshment and inspiration on my part.

Our theme for the year is bloom so I mixed up our succulent centerpieces with a fresh new look for spring.

We are blessed with a really wonderful group of women.  It has been a joy to get to know them all as well as see them connect with one another.

For our craft, we made adorable little name tags from cupcake liners.

Here were the examples put together by our craft coordinator.

And, as I always say, I LOVE to see a group of women all make the same thing but yet they all turn out so differently.  Each one is so full of personality!

The dress ones are too cute for words.  I love them!

And here they are all together...

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