An Infatuation With Spring

I have always loved spring.  But this year I have super duper loved spring.  I think it has to do with what a hard January we had.  By the time the sun was hanging out longer and blooms in my yard and around town started to pop up, I was so joyfully pleased at the reminder of new life. 

So over the last month, if you were to drive by my house on a clear night, you most likely would have seen me in the yard, with my camera, trying to capture a still moment of spring.

Plants also take time.  Our landscaping has emerged a little more each year, but seeing some of our trees and bushes becoming full size it so mesmerizing to my eyes.  Things are becoming established and taking root.  They are finding their place at our home thriving through the blossoming of time.

You can really do some soul searching in nature.  Perhaps my time in the yard calls me to reflect on my own pruning and growth.  Beauty and change are found in a little time in the dirt.

I used to have a variety of color in our yard.  But in time, I found what I love.  Pink and white.  Is anyone surprised?!  But I also think the pop of pink works well against our tan home.

While each bloom slowly fades away, the linger of hope and refreshment for the soul continue to linger with me as the days go by.

Spring continues to awe and amaze me year after year.  If you need a little spring in your step and a lift off of a heavy heart, I encourage you to garden.  Fill your home with reminders of new life.  That even in the darkest of days of winter, there is a reminder that blossoming is just around the corner.