Dinner Menu Plan: Week 2

Two months ago I decided to start sharing my weekly menu plan here.  Obviously I have dropped the ball but I am trying to jot down our meal on a post it to come back and post later.  Here is to better intentions! 

As I have shared, we eat pretty simple meals.  I like things that I can make in 30 minutes.  I go through seasons of trying new recipes and finding some to add to the rotation.  But for the most part, dinnertime is focused on simple and delicious, using recipes we love that I can make over and over and over again. 

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Tacos - I use ground turkey and sometimes make oven baked tortilla shells.


Tortilla Soup - A combination of meat, beans, canned tomatoes, corn, garlic, onion, and taco seasoning
Bread or crackers


The Easiest Fish Tacos


Pasta with garlic, chicken and peas - Same as my spaghetti squash recipe but with regular pasta - I used pesto tortellini this time around


Lasagna - I made the recipe from the Our Best Bites cookbook for the first time.  So good!  And lots of hidden veggies!  I picked up the cookbook at the library to try out and I am a big fan.  It is currently on my wish list.


Date Night


Pancakes - I use the Krusteaz Light and Fluffy Buttermilk Pancake Heart Healthy box mix.  Based off of the availability of my local grocery store, these are the healthiest plus only require to add water.  An easy Sunday night meal when I am too lazy to cook!

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