Iceland: Day 3 -- Our Last Day

On day 3 of Iceland we had just a few morning hours to walk around town before heading to our flight to Seattle.  I frantically took pictures of everything trying to soak up all that we saw in such a short time.  When in reality it just wasn't enough time.

The entrance to our room...

We walked down to the water to see the boats.

And take a peek inside the Harpa, Reykjavik's well known concert hall.

They had some kind of Search and Rescue event going on.  Brent was all about it.

We checked out of our room and headed off to the airport.  Here are a few pictures from the bus.  Again, frantically trying to soak it all in.  It was hard to leave.

Puffins everywhere!!!

And like that we were headed back to the states.  Our longest flight and hardest time change was ahead.  Off to Seattle we went!

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